From Hirado
to the world.

We are promoting
“product processing & logistics network making”
for nurturing Tigerfish, Bluefin Tuna in Hirado,
Nagasaki Prefecture and delivering to the world.

“A fish and a dream!”

We are nurturing Tigerfish, Bluefin Tuna, etc. in the abundant sea of Hirado, Nagasaki prefecture. Since we are the only fish farmer that has been approved for bluefin tuna farming in Hirado City, we are expanding cooperation between local fish farmers and fishery business in Nagasaki prefecture to value the sustainability of the sea environment and ocean resources. At the same time, we are proceeding with "product processing & logistics network making" to deliver the abundant blessings of the sea to the dining table of the city and the world. Since we are engaged in food service and home delivery business with our motto of commitment to food ingredients, we will make Japan's westernmost ocean richness suitable for various diversified domestic and overseas dining tables at optimal conditions; We will try to deliver the deliciousness of fish meal.